Riksawan Institute is a non-profit and philanthropy institution dedicated to empowering communities through education and advocacy programs. The institution established independently and provides an opportunity for all parties who wish to contribute to community empowerment programs, both within the framework of improving the capacity and accessibility of sciences. This institution is not affiliated with any political, ideological, organizational, or other interests other than the purpose of this institution. This institution is incorporated as a legal entity established by Notary and has been registered officially to the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia.

“Today’s education is not just sitting in the school. In this era of formidable communication technology, education can be obtained and disseminated through online media. Reaching all corners and every human race beyond national borders. Riksawan Institute wants to participate in increasing human knowledge through several platforms and programs that can be used free of charge. We invite anyone who volunteers to share knowledge with others. So that the future of humans and life will be much more dignified.” — Prof. Dr. Judhariksawan (Chairman and Founder)