Kuliah Bareng Mas Prof

This is links for video channel on YouTube “Kuliah Bareng Mas Prof” contains academic lectures and discussion about cases and social phenomena. We are sorry because the videos delivered in Bahasa and we still in progress for adding subtitle.


UU Penyiaran Pasca Omnibuslaw (Broadcasting Law After Omnibus Law)

Pengungsi dan Konvensi 1951 (Refugees and 1951 UN Convention)

Kebebasan Berekspresi Sebagai Hak Asasi Manusia (Freedom of Expression as Human Rights)

Pemerintah, Negara Demokrasi, dan Konstitusi (Government, Democratic State, and Constitution)

Perlindungan Data Pribadi (Private Data Protection)

Mengadili Negara (Bring the State Before the Court)

Konflik China Selatan (South China Sea Conflicts)

Ekstradisi (Extradition)

Komisi Pengawas Internet (Commission on Supervisory of Internet)

Netflix Tax

Berbudaya Rasisme (the Culture of Racism)

Mengapa Rasisme? (Why Racism?)

Media dan Teori Konspirasi (Media and Conspiracy Theory)